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  1. Most relationships are switch I feel (at least, the super wholesome ones like Galio). But I just NEED bottom Galo with every fiber of my being.

    I was super worried that everyone would just immediately designate Lio as the main bottom simply because of his superb twink bod. I’m very happy to see twitter prove me wrong. ☺️

    I’m also super happy because I haven’t been this invested in a completely wholesome and non-problematic ship in a long time! I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for more of your work!!!! :)))

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    1. Bottom Galo is so good I can relate

      Honestly prior to going into the movie all the bottom Galo art confused me becuase I was like "??? The smol is not the bottom??" since I like a lot of dom bottoms but most fandoms do not lol. But after watching the movie... so valid and happy to see the fandom :D

      I will def be coming at you with some more LioGalo this kinktober, and probably afterwards too with some non nsfw fluffy bits

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