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  1. Well. That was hot. Can I form coherent thoughts? Let's try.

    ""I was just saying-" This time Wolfe cuts him off with a slap, but even that doesn't knock the grin from Santi's face." The trouble with punishing a pain slut... he *wants* the slap.

    "Santi makes the first minute or so look easy, with only a slight tensing of his leg muscles showing any strain. Wolfe sits and watches in silence, enjoying the sight of his lover's body laid out before him, of Santi's flexing muscles trying to keep position, his breathing getting heavier and heavier as he starts to struggle more." That is a gorgeous image right there. Such a nice choice for a punishment: hurt him in a way he doesn't like.

    ""I had plans for tonight, plans that I've had to abandon in order to teach you some proper manners. Maybe next time I'll invite some friends over to help, or maybe we can go to The Hive to do it. You never did finish me off, I'll get some help with that too, you clearly need more practice at it. Chain you down, gag you with a ring so you can't close your mouth, let people queue up for a go. Or maybe it'll be the glory hole, so people won't know it's the great Captain Santi they're fucking, you'll just be another hole to use."" Delicious, delicious threats.

    "There's a glint of what could be pride in his eyes, and Wolfe can't help but drop character for just a second, laughing at his love being proud of his own endurance, which only seems to encourage Santi, who grins a little." This is a very sweet little moment.

    Caning. Very good. And Santi kneeling for Wolfe after.

    ""No, stay." Santi gropes in the air for Wolfe's hand, pressing it to his cheek when he finds it. "Don't need water, need you." his words are becoming more and more indistinct.
    "Alright." Wolfe relents, and sits on the bed next to his love. "Stay awake long enough for me to put something on those marks?"
    "Mmm." Santi agrees in theory, and then raises his head slightly.
    "It's still your turn to do the dishes."" So sweet. So cuddly. Absolutely beautiful. And then the fucking dishes. Omg the fucking dishes! That is just a brilliant twist right there.

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    1. "can I form coherent thoughts?" The best compliment!

      There is a chance those delicious delicous threats may become another chapter of this at some point. but probably not for a while, I have many other things to finish first.

      Santi is incorrigable hahaha.

      I love that everyone loves the dishes.

      Thank you for such a lovely comment!

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