Comment on Basic Rule of Scenting...Don’t Do It If You’re Not In The Pack!

  1. Love this! Monoma lets hope your are still in your hero course. Hahahaha


    Btw how many the exact number of beta and alpha in the class 1-a, and who are who?

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    1. Monoma's punishment is honestly up for interpretation. I wasn't feeling creative enough when I wrote this to come up with one myself.

      I wrote down in the bottom notes who's the betas and alphas in the class. But I can list them again if that's still a bit difficult to distinguish.

      Alphas: Iida, Momo, Shouto, Bakugou, Shoji, Tokoyami.
      Betas: Uraraka, Tsuyu, Kirishima, Kaminari, Mina, Hagakure, Ojiro, Sato, Jirou, Sero, Koda, and Aoyama.
      Omega: Izuku

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