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  1. Honestly I agree with the idea that it is hard to like Marinette. There have been very few episodes in the series, but especially this season, where she hasn't pissed me off in some way (especially in Desperada as much as I loved some of that episode) I love Kagami so much because she acts like a teenager and also doesn't go completely crazy over Adrien like Marinette does. I mean she can't even let the boys have a good time alone without trying to get involved. Also how she treats Luka sometimes is just ridiculous. Also Natalie is the best adult in the show and honestly she makes a pretty damn good villain.

    With the Luka and Adrien, I just think they would make a great pairing and honestly I would love to write more of them, but definitely in a different story. I feel like they definitely balance each other out better then Marinette ever will with them. I mean they have some very clear chemistry that other characters seem to lack, even with their little time together on screen. And to your point of how Luka is seen as perfect by the show and fandom, it's sadly true that his character is solely written just to be a competitor for Adrien and they won't ever let him have a full character arc unless it's to compete with Adrien, who is also just treated as perfect by quite a good chunk of the fandom since the writers don't give him much personality.

    Also the Plagg drawing is almost done :)

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    1. Agreed, wholeheartedly. I emanin the first season Marinette wasn't my favorite but she had charm for her age and other things, as by seaosnt wo and onwards, I saw more issues to a point that I honestly don't like her at all, and the worst part it's creators who did this to her, so it's not like ic an truly blame her but at the same time inf anficonts it's ahrd to blame the writers, because then you have to constantly break the fourth wall.

      Kagami, is also someone who had more connections with Adrien and while she told Mairnette not to hestate, she herself did, by giving her plenty of chances to be with him, so in away it show's her being kind. I mean Kagami while more mature than most her age, is still a kid and the shows shows it alogn with her lfie, she seems more like person. I also agree with Natalie, though the weird thing, is that I don't truly see them as villain, I see them as misunderstood and on the wrong path, we understand so far that they aren't fully aware of the book's translationa dn the bigger side effects and Ultimatly I think Fu is the villain, ebcuase he started it all with destroying the order, and I find awefully suspeious that he was already in Paris and can sense the Butterfly wa sused, how did he not sense the peacock? and more. To me it seems like a bigger set up, followe dby his favoristsm, the idea that Adrienw as given the Miraculous and for some reason Fu never sense the butterfly or the peacock in Adrien's house, despite the fact his Kawmi can? ALso with the order intirally resotred, he flat said he won't be back, and tha the wasn't a real guardian, and then when he finanly suspodelly gets caught to Hawkmoth, he forgets everything and gets a relatively happy ending, with no punishment. Yeah, I seriously wonder if there was more to it,a nd they might twist thing for him to eb the villain all along, it would make a whole lot more sense.

      True, though amny say that to Kagami as well, but given that's Adrien's official cannon options are Marinette/Ladybug, Kagami, Chloe, and Lilla, it makes it feel worse, when only of them is actually healty and good for him, the other three are toxic in different ways. Marinette however as for he roptions based on cannon Adrien/Chat Noir, Luka, Natenial, Nino (He did have crush and there is nos aying how lfie can twist and turn, if the stay true to having 10 season rather five), all her options are actually good and kind people and the only toxic one would be her, and that would come down to he rbeing Ladybug,e ventually destoring things. This doesn't include anyone else cannon would through at them or wha the fandom adds. It's just sad.

      I look forward to seeing it.

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      1. It's true. In season one, she still felt kinda human. I mean yes, she was always obsessed with Adrien, but she still seemed to care about fashion and things that weren't Adrien Agreste. I mean they did do this with a lot of characters including Alya and Nino who have more or less become just 'the couple' although they still seem to be more realistic then her. I think the problem with Marinette being the favorite of the creators ruined her because they just want her to not struggle with anything and never really develop her. The most realistic she's ever been was in part one of the finale when she broke down with Luka which is how a teenage girl would react to everything happening. Still though, even Chloe has had more development then Marinette who is the main character.

        And you are absolutely right about Kagami. She gave Marinette so many chances. In Desperada, which I reference a lot I noticed, Kagami told Marinette that she had to make a choice and she doesn't always get a second chance (although let's be honest. Its Marientte. In the show, she'd be able to do what she wants with no consequence usually) Kagami also really doesn't want to hurt Marinette, even though Marinette hasn't always been very kind to her. And your right. I definitely believe that the main villain is definitely not Gabriel or Natalie. If I were to guess, it's either Fu, Lila, or Emilie. I put Emilie just because we know nothing about her other then she was the original Peacock owner. Although I do love the idea of Fu being the over all villain because it would be the biggest betrayal ever.

        When it comes to ships in the show, it's hard for me to ship most of the couples that are likely to happen. While Adrien and Marinette are cute sometimes, if we look at them in a realistic sense, they wouldn't be so good couple, while Kagami and Adrien (or Kagami and Marinette but that won't happen) has more stability and we know that they are close friends, which Marinette and Adrien would be if Marinette was willing to try and push aside her crush or admit to it maybe. And while Marinette is horrible to Luka, they would make a pretty good couple. They clearly both care for each other deeply, even if Marinette uses Luka sometimes. Also just saying, Nino and Marinette would be cute and maybe even Alya and Adrien.

        I'll probably post them in an hour or two.

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        1. Yep, I mean we see her turn from spasitc low key obsseive crush to borderline obsseive stalker quickly, who little by little stops being real. I eman we see her in Reverser basically cause an akuma because she didn't just talk to Nath honestly, and butted in when Marc didn't want her too and after all was said and done, her commet to them wasn't an apology about it all,w as i'm glad you guys don't hate me and then she gets the first ocmic dedicated to her. the Love Sqaire is fucked and mainly because four episodes, Galcitor, Frozer, Animastro, and Oblivio, this exclude everything about the finel, but the only two episodes that actually stay in intune with reald evelopment is Glacetior, and Animastro, and that's because in Animastro we don't see Adrien back track on anything he learned, but Marinette actually is consistent, because even in Glaceotor her treatment with Chat is considred in banter, for her interaction with Adrien are legit. But Frozer treat Glacitoer has if it din't happen and then Anmestro treats Froxer like it didn't happen, same with Obvlio.

          I don't even think Lila is a true threat, because all he rlies just rely on everyone being stupid. I mean everything she has done can easily be dispapproved froms chool camera, talking to her parents, looking up actual facts, the class talking to their conenctions, etc. So I think she might be replaced as well. Fu and Emilie are go tos, if only ebcuase we don't know much about Emilie but she was a factor in Adrien's isolation not just Gabreil, so it leaves room.


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          1. The love square has been just destroyed so many times and the sad truth is that they do just treat some episodes like they didn't happen and the characters didn't have that development and it sucks. The ships are already complicated without getting destroyed by the creators. Weredad absolutely killed Marichat (which is the only ship I really liked of the love square just cause I like the dynamic) i think the only ship that hasnt been murdered is Ladrien for some reason.

            Honestly I don't think or hope Lila is the main villain. It would be too easy and expected. Emilie is seen by the fandom as pure and super amazing in every way so I hope she's not that basic although j want Adrien to have a good parent, not that Gabriel's absolutely the worst, but definite neglects Adrien. Fu would be an amazing villain and it would destroy the fandom so that's a plus.

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            1. Agreed, plus Weredad made Marinette seem mor eperfect as the hero and while Adrien who outside of Kagami is the only one who has years of combat from karate and Fencing, seems to get his ass handed to him, I mean hoenslty it was a perfect episode to show he cans tand on his own and win, I mean he just has to grab the akuam before it multiplies and honestly his staff much like Ladybug's yoyo must have a container fucntio, sens efor some stupid reason he can't purify or do a cure. The episode confimre deven more how much they don't want him to be equal.

              Ladrein is actually the worst of Lovesquare, because Adrien doesn't see his cilvianself had his realself, mor elike a amsk or a small portation, and we have seen that Marinette doesn't feel like Ladybug is her real self, even if the only real difference between the two is that Ladybug is less clumsy and can for the most part talk to Adrien. After all there is a reason why Mairnette is the everyday Ladbug but he isn't the everyday Chat Noir. That pairing for them is realistic, becase they both would have to cosntnantly act and Ladybug would little by little start acting like the suttering mess that is Marinette.

              ALso one other thing tha tirks me, is that everyone is supssious of Adrien being CHat, yet no one is suspsoous about Mairnette being Ladybug? I mean outside of leotard,mask and a longer hair ribben, she doesn't even change appearences. But Adrien has his hair change, fangs, and his eyes slit. how is it that he is easier to find than th eobvious one?

              True, Lillia is too expected, but Emilie a good idea for the turn but it also is someone we kidn fo don't want to see has the villain because then Adrien would basically have two bad parents, like you said.

              Fu would be the best Villian and it would shock everyone, hell Fu's girlfriend would be a good choice too.

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              1. Honestly I don't know why only Ladybug can. I mean is it only the Ladybug miraculous or maybe some of the other miraculous that were lost when Fu destroyed the place, but from what he said only the Ladybug can which is dumb, but I'm not surprised. The show is only really about Ladybug even though they try and act like it's about both of them so of course they have to have her fix everything.

                Marichat is the only realistic one because it can start from a friendship and it would also be a great way for the show to develop Adriens feelings for Marinette which honestly don't seem to exist all that much.

                Okay, but how can Also not figure Marinette out, but she referenced the literal idea that Adrien looked like Chat Noir from practically nothing and especially when there was a lot of evidence always pointing to Marinette. I mean she has seen Marinette in a Ladybug outfit and just not question why they look so similar after wards.

                Honestly I don't know what I hope for Emilie to be. I love the idea that she a mastermind, but I also want Adrien to have a good parent when he most likely loses one due to prison probably.

                I like the idea that Fu's girlfriend becomes evil. Maybe they could say she's just trying to change the past so they could be together the whole time or maybe so she could bring his memories back. I just love the concept of someone we were lead to believe was good has been evil the whole time.

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                1. True the show is only about her, I eman I would be less salty about Adrien and Chat is one the mad eit Clear the was the Sidekick fromt he ebgining and that his name wasn't in the Actual Show, sicne the full the titile is "The Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir". I mean claiming to be partner which means equals and thus they should be sharing information and more, so they can make a unified thought is different from a leader and sidekick, Kim Possible, Sailor Moon, Danny Phantom, etc. they mad eit more clear cut on who the leader is and who the sidekicks/teammates are. It doesn't negate the salt people feel about the treatment of the others, but it can be mor eudnerstandbale given there are no lies about what the show is.

                  Adrinette, Marchat, Ladynoir, and Ladrien is the precise order of the square that is more feasible, due to mask issues and such, the only problem is that realsiticly all of them would fall apart due to communcaiton, trust, and lies. Fanfcitons often make it happier, but the reality it that all would be doomed if they stay true to all that cannon has given, now depending on how early they got involved, it would be a 50/50 chance of good and bad endings. Ultmatly if they just revealed who they were right fromt he beging since the kawmies can't actually stop them and they so called rule about new hodlers was added later out of nowhere, it would be better.

                  I think it goes back to the show favoring her. There really is no other reason I can think of, I used to think a glameor but after enough episodes where the pin Chat to Adrien, despit ehim having more changes but none to her, I had to toss the glamer idea out, perhaps everyone else is stupid and wants it to be him, but that would make Chloe even worse off, for her treamtnet of Chat.

                  I've seen some theroies that might make Adrien a sentimosnter and that was another reason th ejewel borke, (I still believe Fu broke it and voer time it got worse where it wouldn't be a simple fix), The reason natlies doesn't detect it, would have to due with how Adrien was made and perhaps tha this amok is inside of him. There is alos theory that Emile is the daughter or grandaught of a surrvior of the order and she always had the miraculous and book, but they went Tibet for more informstion and such. After all the Tibet trip is real because that is the only thing Gabriel didn't change, but the reasons behond it changed.

                  It would be interesting, plus it really makes you wonder about her, fu is 186, how old is his girlfriend? I mean she new about the miraculous and if the miraculous hold the potienal to age slowly perhaps. who knows, but it makes you wonder os much about her.

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