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  1. This was so good. I love fics like this. I just love when someone's getting harassed and usually the friend(s) or partner(s) just jump in and are like BITCH FITE ME I WILL DESTROY YOUR ASS.

    XD also, I love Iida's line after Midoriya explained what happened 'how improper' I CAN JUST IMAGINE HIM SAYING THIS IN AN ANGRY VOICE AND IT'S HILARIOUS.

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    1. I'm so glad that you got a kick out of Iida's line :) I thought that, even though he was absolutely livid, he wouldn't pull a Bakugou and start cursing up a storm. As head alpha and class rep, he has a reputation and a role to fill, you know.

      Any recommendations or requests for plots are totally welcome, by the way! I'd love to hear what you or other readers might be interested in reading for the future :) New ideas from other people are always nice and exciting.

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