Comment on The Bet

  1. *cracks knuckles* Okay let's write a coherent--
    *gets run over by the feels train*
    *dusts off* 'kay so where was I--
    *gets run over by the same train coming back*
    This is gonna be hard. Okay so first of, I love the pacing here? I love how you're building up tension, the steamy scenes are at the same time sexy and very soft and it's perfectly balanced. The phonecall has to be the hottest thing I've read in months and I'm pretty sure I started blushing lol. Must I tell you how much of a pleasant surprise was seeing the second part today? Day made, that's for sure, I've been waiting for it for all this time and one thing I can say is - it was worth it. ^-^

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    1. What an amazing comment!! “Perfectly balanced” dhdhdbdvsgshsvs Thank youuu I’m so happy it was worth the wait and seeing your feedback makes all the hours of work worth it <3

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