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  1. HOLY SHIT, I love Eri and I love her dynamic with Bakugo, it's so interesting so far! I'll have to take a look into that promote the rebel thing, I'm trying to be a teacher and knowing that stuff can help! Thanks so much, this is going to be fun.

    And I'm so sorry Eri, I know you don't want to be Bakugo's friend, but I'm already shipping the pair of you, I can't help it!

    Also, uhh, can Bakugo please not use a slur, please? Or have it be addressed and stopped maybe? Please?

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    1. Painted White Flowers

      On the teaching path? I almost finished my bachelors when things got... bad. Anyway! Promote the rebel was an actual thing I learned. (It doesn't have an official name, so you'll see it called different things.) Sometimes, the best way to help a so-called "trouble" student is to give them responsibility. It doesn't work all the time (though nothing's 100%), but it tended to help. I don't think I state this anywhere in-story, but a lot of the characters and especially Eri's psychology came from various things I picked up from all the psychology aspects of teaching. Good luck with your aspirations! We need more teachers!

      Bakugo x Eri is a possibility.

      Oddly enough, this was the only time Bakugo used that specific slur. I didn't realize that until you pointed it out. So... hurray?

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      1. Oh wow, that's incredible. Thanks for that, it makes a tone of sense.

        Oh my God.

        He used it again in another chapter though, so like??? Unless you were planning an arc where Bakugo gets stopped using that word, could you maybe edit them out please?

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