Comment on Flip Derry Upside Down

  1. This was so good. The awkwardness and uncertainty between them was to be expected and you did a great job with it.
    Aww Will is the sweetest! Loved his and Bev's interactions. Also love Jonathan being protective and upset over Will being bullied. Their relationship is one of my favorite things in s1 and s2 (they didn't give us much in s3) and I'm happy you're portraying it so well. Joyce is just awesome and anxious and loving and you really captured her, too.
    Oh man, I'm so curious about this story! Will Bev be a Party member or Loser? Or both? How will pennywise and the upside down come into play? Is Will gonna die if It gets him instead of the Demogorgon? What about Georgie? Eleven? Lol sorry. I'm really enjoying the world building and storytelling so I hope that didn't come off as complaining or impatience. You've got me hooked and I'm just excited! Thanks for sharing your work!

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