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  1. I was coming here to leave a comment on the cliffhanger chapters that wasn't just a scream and instead there's an update so YEAH! Maki and I can relax a bit. Hello, Akane. Very nice moment there in Chapter 14 with Papa Yazawa. Umi catching boldness from somewhere is interesting and now I'm going to go reread this chapter and really enjoy ALL the very nice moments.

    Good luck with the teaching. I hope it goes well.

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    1. I felt real bad posting the cliffhanger, especially since I allready had the conclusion half-done, but the inserts needed to be there, telling a story that would work in the larger scope.

      As for his inclusion, I read a story here on Ao3 that has Nico visiting his grave, talking to him, after she graduated. Very moving piece. Since it's Canon that he is dead I wanted to include something without spelling it out.

      And who knows what happens in the epilogues.

      And thanks. I am a total nervewreck for it. I know the subject by heart, but to impart that knowledge and critical way of thinking to someone else... now that is scary.

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