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  1. First of all, congratulations on concluding the story!

    I'm a frequent reader, but sometimes I forget to comment or I do it until the end of the story or something that has really impacted me hehe

    I really like the idea that they have a 100% biological baby, too, when I read "How to handle Nico" I thought it would be great if they had a child and you arrived, it was like an unexpected miracle!

    I loved the process of both girls and how they relied on everything, when I read that Nico did not respond I was very scared!

    But even if Nico had not succeeded, I'd still love the other end, I like the tragedy and that's why I was fine with the previous one

    Of course, I love this ending too, Maki has the ideal family, with the girl of her entire life, Nico is a love ♡♡♡♡

    Another detail that I liked, is that you mentioned Papa Yazawa, he is a very important character for Nico, many fans do not mention it at all and it is something sad for me, for my part, I try to mention it whenever I can

    Thank you very much for this story!


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    1. Thank you so much for your comment. It warms the heart that you enjoyed it.

      It was exactly that part in HthaN, when Maki talks to her mother about Nico, that started all this. I felt it was something to explore, that I wanted to read, but there was nothing. It re-ignited my writing spark so I started to research and explore possibilities, both current and future-tech.

      I could never have killed off Nico or Maki, they are just too precious to me, though I gravitate towards Maki.

      On the subject of father Yazawa, do read the epilogue that I posted about the same time you posted your comment. It gives him more 'screen time' since, as you say, he is very important to Nico.

      I'm nervous beyond words. The subject I'll be teaching shifts so fast that some of the material I did two weeks ago is out of date with the current state of affairs. I'll have to improvise somehow. Gambaruby!

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