Comment on Flip Derry Upside Down

  1. Great chapter! It was really entertaining and jam packed with characters. I like how casually everyone interacts with each other, even newbie Max. The dialogue was done very well and you kept everyone in character.
    Haha, I love that Mike tattles to Eddie when he wants Richie to get in trouble for being dumb. Max and Bev being their cool and confident selves put a smile on my face. Dustin and Lucas better get ready. The Max and Stan comparisons are too real lol.
    Aww Georgie is beyond adorable! It's been my hope that one of the changes you make in your universe is letting him live, too, instead of having both him and Will die. Like maybe Will protects and hides them both somehow. I know whatever you have planned is gonna be great and creative, though, so even if my heart is broken at least it'll be entertaining.
    I cannot tell you how happy I am that you showed Will's protective side. Yeah he's sensitive and sweet but he's also tough and, like his mom and brother, willing to do anything for his loved ones. I love that little guy.
    Thanks for sharing! It was awesome

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