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  1. Ok this initiation went from „a little unrealistic in context“ to „there’s something weird going on here“. I do not believe that this is normal. Beacon would have no students.

    The big question now, of course, is what’s actual happening. A pre emptive strike by Salem? Sounds unlikely. Did Ozpin sacrifice innocent students to see Ruby’s power? Eh, only if he somehow knew she can use them already. And even then it’s iffy. An au explanation like Grimm being attracted to silver eyes like to the relics? Would make sense considering they are all based on creation. Or probably something completely different I lack the context to.

    I was happy though when Ruby used her eyes. Often story’s kinda get cold feet and have another option come up last second. But that often feels like the character waits to a point where people would die anyway, even if they use whatever power they have. But here Ruby was reluctant, got surrounded and knew that there really wasn’t another option. Waiting would have just put people in mortal danger. So good job having her wait a realistic amount of time.

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    1. I know right?? I'm as confused as you are with all the weirdness going on in this initiation! :P

      About Ruby using her eyes: I've read quite a few fics where Ruby knew of her powers and how to use them. A lot of times, her actually using her eyes would be dragged out into infinity until I would groan out in frustration. Always someone or something would happen *just in time* so she could keep her secret for another 20 chapters. I didn't want to do that in my fic.

      I'm glad you enjoyed that reveal. Personally, I was happy with it but was not sure if my readers would have wanted me to wait longer.

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      1. You could have waited sure. But not with constant reminders about her eyes and that they are an option. That would have felt like dragging it. If you didn’t want Ruby to use her eyes during initiation, one time to let us know she has the ability would have been enough. As it stands, this is the best way. Reluctant but not crippling and used as a last option.

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