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  1. Thanks, KD!

    I'm working on the next chapter, which will delve a bit more into memory/emotion, but I'm getting a bit stuck. I think I'm overanalyzing how/where to place certain thoughts/revelations within the context of the story. Hopefully if I outline a bit more I can work thru it.

    I'm expecting 3, maybe 4 chapters in order to cover the other floral exchanges I have in mind, while also showing the inner progression of their feelings. While I feel I have a pretty good grasp on Joan's thoughts and motivations, I often struggle with how to express them effectively. Just like her, I suppose.

    Thanks for reading and leaving such a nice compliment.

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    1. Good luck with your outline. Hopefully that helps you work out the finer details. I hadn’t seen this as a multi chapter fic but there is more room to play with this so I can see why you’re pushing it into more complex territory. It’s an interesting adventure, connecting memory, emotion and meaning. I look forward to your next chapter. Good luck resolving the issues! KD

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