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  1. Soft, quiet, and sweet. No aggression at all, and I love it. Felix knocking and Dimitri letting him in is in a way showing off the raw and vulnerable sides of each other. When Felix keeps repeating that he wants to check that Dimitri is here, and they have a back and forth conversation that changes bit by bit but the core is the same (spending time together intimately but in non-having-sex ways) (THANK YOU!!! i scream, my pining for such fics abating a little). It’s quiet and nice for fraldardydydys to be comfortable with each other, comfortable enough to share stories and tell each other how they’re feeling (Dimitri’s I want to go to bed and how Felix complies) and ... urrggh. So Good. I enjoyed them trading discourse over old Grimm style fairy tales, haha they’re nerds. Thank you for writing this, I really really enjoyed reading it. My favourite part is the part where Felix stands and listens and waits for Dimitri to knock. I just wanted to ask, what were you thinking when you wrote that part? I took it as Felix waiting for Dimitri to let him in instead of imposing all the time, but I’d love to have more insights into that particular bit. It felt very poignant to me.

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    1. omfg im sorry im so late at replying to this. thank u thank u this is really so nnice aaaa ;;A;; for that scene in particular i feel like its open to interpretation. my vague thought process tho was that felix knocking on the wall means a few different things. 1) that he is asking for permission to enter 2) hes giving *dimitri* permission to talk to him and 3) hes calling a "truce"
      I tried to write the scenes so that they felt outside of time. so that they can be read either as happening consecutively over a handful of nights or spanning for weeks. mainly because him going over to dimitris room is a free zone? i imagine that felix acts like his usual self during the day and is a bit meaner. so night time is when he lets himself be nice and talk to dimitri as if they were childhood friends again.
      so him waiting and listening to dimitri before knocking is both him seeing if dimitri will give him permission, but also him debating on not going over again and ending their "truce". he gives up really quickly tho when he realizes that dimitris waiting for him to call it and also that theres a 98% chance that dimitri will literally stand there all night LMAO.
      which is, essentially, a more passionate form of gay chicken if you really think about it

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