Comment on The Truest Shield

  1. I'm really curious about where you thought it was going now, actually...

    Heh this is basically my favorite sort of fic to write too! Like, are they really my otp if I don't put them in some awful harrowing danger together at some point? And thus they must go through the wringer, because I love them (together and individually)

    omg i love sethrika! and I didn't even think of that parallel but !! dang, maybe my brain did get a bit of subconscious inspiration from them? who knows? (in my defense i've started playing Sacred Stones but still haven't finished it...last time i tried i lost Tana and i haven't worked up the courage to try that map again also Three Houses got's been a while)

    oh boy. i have to confess i dropped the ball on the horse. guess i have to rewrite my epilogue now, huh? (just really kidding)

    anyway thank you so much for reading and for your very kind comment!! they're always so wonderful to receive <3

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