Comment on If I'm Nothing In Your Eyes It's Because That's Where I Want to Be

  1. OMG this fic was PERFECT.
    I can't even, I'm sitting in the dining room at sight while my parents make lunch (I'm visiting for the weekend) and they have no idea that I need every inch of my willpower to keep a straight face and not squirm :D
    I absolutely LOVE everything in this fic, the way you write Tony's headspace is hnnnggggg A+, I love how he knows about kink and BDSM and humiliation but still can't separate it from abuse and how you portray that a shitty first dom can ruin things for years to come, and even friends with the best intentions are not helpful sometimes because they not necessarily understand things and dynamics. Hooo this made Tony's insecurities and fears so real and it hurt even more.
    And the character dynamics after that, jesus fucking christ. Steve and Bucky are perfect as bickering kinky lovers, that's my fave interpretation of their relationship, they're so married and so far from the common perception the public sees them, but they're also sweet and caring and attentive (to each other and to Tony as well) and hnnggg, just cuddling with Tony when Tony needs that, lovelovelove.
    The negotiation, hoooooly shit hot hot hot. Switch Steve is amazing. I'm not sure if Bucky is subbing anytime, though, or just domming? Not the point, I know, it just made me curious, because when he talked to Tony in the kitchen, I got the impression that Bucky is always domming.
    The sex was also aaaahhhh HOT AS HELL, love it, love the kinks, the attention, the dynamics, the sweet talks, the humiliation and praise kinks, and ahhhh it took effort to not sink with Tony like a stone tossed to the lake. Hnnnggg Thank you so much for writing and sharing this, I'm sure the rest of the series will be a delight too when I read them! (Not if, when.)

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