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  1. you and your writing i swear.... i Swear....... it's so good? for reals man. once again i am nothing more than a puddle of emotions...... i'm going to turn into a lake at this rate
    first of all, the mcdanks. nice. leon selling those pancakes to raihan like his life depends on it. (correction: to his boyfriend-shaped lump in that bed) i love him for that. i have never had mcdanks pancakes however (pls don't beat me), but even i am taking his word on how delicious they are lmao
    oh my god... the perils of being in the public and wanting to keep things private though like, my gosh. i feel raihan's pain when leon let /that/ get out. accident or not, that had to hurt so bad.. leon admitting that he wasn't even sure of what he was thinking made it feel so much more like, raw? and open? that shit hurt(ed) real bad, but i loved it at the same time cause i'm a slut for angst i'm ngl
    raihan taking care of leon? T_T washing his hair? T_T why must u make me feel so much in one fic!! my heart can only handle so much!! o<< watching a movie to take his mind off of things it's so domestic i'm losing my mind............

    OK AND THE FREAKIN WIRED AUTOCOMPLETE INTERVIEWS ARE YOU FOR REAL RIGHT NOW. I WAS SCREAMING WHEN I READ THAT. C'MON... I CAN'T DEAL LOL. I LOVE WATCHING THOSE..... is raihan related to lance? i'm just...... people would google that wouldn't they. they really would. people don't think before they google search i'm cryin

    god they are so. married? they are i mean, but also you Know what i mean. i loved this so much bless u and thank u (ten thousand times) for writing these 2 blokes so perfectly. thank you <3

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    1. gently scoops u up and dumps u into depressed!leon's bathtub

      the funniest part about the mcdanks is that if u really read into it, leon's description of them (to his boyfriend-shaped lump in the bed) sounds Absolutely Disgusting but he gets away with it because his delivery is A+ and i thought that was a Very Important character trait to establish c:
      i'm very very rusty at writing angst but i'm glad(?) that it made u hurt(???). tbh i personally found the sudden shift in tone very jarring and probably one of the weakest parts of this fic but at the same time i thought it was important to write about how rough being famous is on the BOTH of them, navigating everyone's nosiness both for themselves and for each other
      as for the sadbois part, i somehow had the image of leon being a non-functional mess the second he gets home and raihan being kind and caring without being overwhelming or condescending and i just had to get it out

      the inclusion of the autocomplete interviews is the result of me racking my brains after exhausting every possible form of celebrity-related media in the first four parts and i'm glad it's so well-received (hehe). tbh i thought of all sorts of scandalous google searches but alas it was already so very long....

      i agree with you 100%, these idiots probably accidentally got married without realising that they'd signed the papers already. thank YOU (ten thousand times) for all the support and kind comments <3

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