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  1. This is so good! First of all, I love Jerry's complete incredulity that anyone would turn down a night with Dean :DDD That's such a lovely, in-character touch. Then finding out that Dean called off his sure thing because the woman insulted Jerry is just perfect the perfect counterbalance to it.

    'Dean reached a hand up to brush back the hair falling on Jerry’s face.' Ahh, I love that! That feels very real.

    '“Sometimes – I imagine they’re you. I press up against them like this, but they don’t feel like you do. They never feel like you do.”' This is a hell of a line! I love a bit of yearning and this really captures that feeling.

    I also love how well Jerry knows Dean in this story; he knows when to wait and when to press, when to make a joke and when not to. You've woven that aspect of his character in really well and it makes everything feel very intimate. You've also created this feeling during the sex that maybe this isn't something Dean would normally want, but he does very much want it specifically from Jerry, and that's a really beautiful, intimate thing too. I think there's an atmosphere of generosity about the whole thing. Like Jerry pulling Dean back in when he's initially embarrassed and showing him it's okay, and Dean trusting Jerry enough to be vulnerable with him. And initiating a kiss even! It's like this really close back-and-forth between them, it's lovely.

    Oh, and I love this picture: 'Jerry’s elbows were tucked in, hands both pressing gently against Dean’s chest.' !!

    Beautiful job, friend! <3

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    1. I have to say, your comments sometimes leave me speechless for a while.

      Thank you for being so kind, and saying such lovely things. Also for the feedback on specific things that you felt worked well. You're one of my very favourite authors, so it means a lot 🤗

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