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  1. Oh God's this was so perfect, I can't tell you what was my favorite part, because I love everything!!
    Jerry all happy and proud of know of the fact Dean left a girl that doesn't like him, Dean embarrassed and hard and for sure this make Jerry hard too! And gods! The way the reacts!
    And Dean letting himself bee, freely and sure "I need you" "touch me" moaning and rocking his hips against Jer... Oh Gods this was to much for my poor gay heart so yo pudiera te abrazaba, muchas gracias por write this <3<3<3<3

    Thanks for this, I LOVE IT!!

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    1. Oh, I'm blushing!!

      Thank you so much for your lovely words, I'm really glad you loved the story.

      I would hug you if I could as well. I love it when you write comments in Spanish (I have to translate them online, but it's such a compliment that you write them) <3

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      1. Hahaha sorry I get excited, I love seen Dean like this uwu <3


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