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  1. I'm afraid I haven't read circular motion yet, so my comment may be a bit messy, but I wanted to express my love for this fic. Like, you are truly one of my favorite writers in this fandom. I went in reading this as a 2019!Reddie fic and swam in and out of different versions of their relationship through the whole thing because somehow, your narrative voice makes anything they say fit every iteration of Richie and Eddie without feeling like stock dialogue or OOC. You have this way of writing the characters of the IT franchise that is just so fascinating that they simultaneously separate from the original narrative and completely ingrained into every version of IT that has existed. I can't get over the tenderness you weave into your writing. Thank you for sharing yet another beautiful piece.

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    1. rich tozier

      This is such a deeply flattering comment and I really, really, appreciate it -- and you -- so much! <33 Particularly when it comes to your commentary on their characterization -- Eddie was such a difficult character for me to unravel, but I love him so much and wanted to do right by him. I love hearing how my writing resonated with every version of canon for you -- I love the multiple versions and they're all so intriguing to me, I genuinely want to explore them all! If IT didn't have multiple canons, I'm not sure I would be as invested in it as I am, so...I don't know what to say other than thank you! I do indeed feel very tender towards them and I'm glad that shows through, honestly. I'm trying my best to be genuine and creative while honoring what I like from the original text(s).

      I appreciate you so much as a reader and thank you again for such a thoughtful comment. It means so much, truly!💓💓

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