Comment on Etiam in tenebris, unus veritatem valet (even in darkness, one truth prevails)

  1. Oh, I’ll have to check that one out! I mentioned posting this to a friend earlier who remarked that there couldn’t be very many crossovers between these fandoms out there, but it’s a pleasant surprise to learn that I’m not the only one. I truly hope you enjoy this story; I’ve put a lot of love into it and hope to continue doing so throughout.

    Now, that’s a very interesting theory, and I’m a bit curious as to the logic that led you there. Since you know kyubey can grant wishes, I suppose powers as a reality warper are an extension of that (as evidenced by the Rebellion Story, but that’s neither here nor there.) Still, how would splitting Shinichi and Conan into two different people serve any purpose? If anything, doesn’t Conan’s residence at the Mouri household threaten kyubey’s plans? After all, Ran obviously trusts him— heck, she confessed her feelings for Shinichi to Conan within an hour of meeting him. And have you seen Conan and Shinichi in the same room?

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