Comment on Etiam in tenebris, unus veritatem valet (even in darkness, one truth prevails)

  1. Alright, now I've got a decent idea of who(se wish) turned Beika topsy-turvy and Sonoko into a homophobe, but I may well still be wrong. Won't be committing to any theory till, say, Chapter Four.

    The action scenes here were a bit clumsy, but the horror-game atmosphere was top-notch, and Seiji's presence much-welcomed. Can't wait to see which culprits-of-the-week you'll be Witching up in coming chapters.

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    1. Hm, whose wish do you think it was? And what did they wish for?
      I’m sorry about Sonoko; I had to make some changes to merge this with the Madoka canon, and I needed someone to fulfill a certain role. I also don’t have a very clear grasp on her canon characterization, other than her taking on a role in Ran’s life that’s currently being filled by Aoko. Her attitude will be elaborated upon next chapter, and then more in further chapters. You just...kjfhdksgsjdhdj I can’t wait to show what I have planned!!! Honestly my desire to spill the entire plot to someone has been warring with the desire to keep it secret, while lurking in the background is the possibility that I’ll never finish it. I hope I can see this all the way through and blow your mind.

      *frantically takes notes* I honestly didn’t plan to use any of the DC culprits as witches besides loosely adapting the moonlight sonata case, but that’s a fantastic idea and I’m taking it. The witches in Madoka have their fair share of depth, as well as plot relevance, but if I could find culprits that suit my purpose and convert their motives into labyrinths....oh, yes.
      As for the action vs atmospheric writing...typically I don’t take (or don’t take well to) constructive criticism, but yeah, I can see that. I didn’t use space very clearly, so it probably could have used another round of editing. Eh, no use changing it now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I’m still practicing my fight scenes, since those are hard to write, so I’m not particularly bothered. Any fight that I don’t decide to timeskip over is good practice and therefore a win for me, the author!
      I had so much fun writing the labyrinth though, you have no idea. Like, the initial description of the scenery? Oh my goodness that was fun. Madoka uses a lot of symbolism in the labyrinths and leaves the reader to determine what happened, so it’ll be a fun challenge to look at a one episode culprit and break their clear motivations into something more ambiguous.

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