Comment on It Must Be Love

  1. rich tozier

    This is such a deeply flattering comment and I really, really, appreciate it -- and you -- so much! <33 Particularly when it comes to your commentary on their characterization -- Eddie was such a difficult character for me to unravel, but I love him so much and wanted to do right by him. I love hearing how my writing resonated with every version of canon for you -- I love the multiple versions and they're all so intriguing to me, I genuinely want to explore them all! If IT didn't have multiple canons, I'm not sure I would be as invested in it as I am, so...I don't know what to say other than thank you! I do indeed feel very tender towards them and I'm glad that shows through, honestly. I'm trying my best to be genuine and creative while honoring what I like from the original text(s).

    I appreciate you so much as a reader and thank you again for such a thoughtful comment. It means so much, truly!💓💓

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