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  1. I love this fic - these two dorks are great together, and you wrote them so well. I'm a little confused by the "Pokeballs on a Dynamax raid" part, though - what did Leon accidentally say or imply, and why did it trigger such a harsh reaction? I'm terrible at reading subtext like this, and it keeps bothering me because I feel like it's really obvious but I'm just not putting the pieces together. :T

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    1. thank you for commenting!

      so i actually wrote this before actually playing the game and assumed that dynamax raids worked like pokemon go raids where you just kinda chuck balls at the pokemon over and over until they eventually escape, so the implication would have been that raihan changes girls very frequently. now that i've actually played the game i'm going to pretend that my original intention was to imply that people like to do a whole bunch of dynamax raids at once and use up all their poke balls, so once again the implication would be that raihan changes girls very frequently :-)

      i hope this clears things up!

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