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  1. “You should be able to return to your quarters in two hours, Pathfinder,” SAM said over their private line, his presence a balm to the low anxiety Scott hadn’t even been aware of. “The neurosurgeon was able to give me full control over the shunt, so I can manually adjust your CSF flow should it be necessary. Your prognosis is good.”

    “I mean, yeah, that’s great, but this is some serious shit, SAM.” Scott squinted down at his hand, then blinked again when he realized that Jaal’s was resting over it.

    “You’re in a much better mood than I expected,” Jaal said, his thumb dragging over the knobby curve of Scott’s wrist. His voice was low and soothing, soft in the low lighting of the medbay, and Scott was so aware of Jaal’s presence now that it almost hurt. Almost.

    “I’m feeling a little more high than I expected,” Scott told him, guilty and delighted all at once. Jaal was here. Jaal had waited for him to wake up, not knowing one way or another how Scott would feel coming out of it, and he’d stayed. Every step of the way, he’d stayed. “Am I on antibiotics?”

    “Yes.” Jaal smiled, his other hand lifting to brush away the dark hair frayed over Scott’s temples. “The ones from Kadara, as Lexi believed they would be more effective. She gave me a schedule, as she determined you would be unlikely to follow it otherwise, darling one.”

    “You guys are so mean to me. I am an adult who does adult things like surgery.” All the mock outrage in the world couldn’t keep Scott from leaning into that touch, the lack of pain in his head wonderful in its novelty. The light fuzz of static under Jaal’s skin felt like winter sunlight, just strong enough to leave a presence without having an effect.

    “You are the bravest man I know, Scott,” Jaal said, low and sincere as he leaned in to press their foreheads together.

    Scott swallowed, his throat tight with a hundred affectionate nothings piling up inside it, and felt the way his eyes burned with tears for a reason that had nothing to do with his old headaches. Jaal was here, and the novelty of that curled into the novelty of moving without pain, pouring into his heart until he felt like he’d burst with how wonderful everything was.

    “You know I love you, right?” Scott whispered, blinking a few times to clear his vision.

    Jaal’s eyes crinkled at the corners, the affection in his voice ringing true. “Always and forever, my heart.”


    The feels, the worry, the love, the recovery!! Blessed be I love this fic!!

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