Comment on Etiam in tenebris, unus veritatem valet (even in darkness, one truth prevails)

  1. Hoo boy. Rightly or wrongly, this chapter felt as big as the last two put together - with the gut-punches to match.

    (Ahh, Major Character Death. We meet again, old nemesis. One day I will learn to stop glossing over you every time I look at a fic summary.)

    Your strengths are on fuller display than ever here - the dialogue interplays, the slice-of-life sketches, the atmosphere looming above it all (won't pretend I know the first thing about German, but I enjoyed that bit with the medicine bottle just fine). I love this Ran, love this Aoko, love this Kaito even though I know the whole point is that they've been bent horribly out of their "real" places by someone's ill-conceived wish. When (if?) they go, I reckon it won't be quietly.

    And... okay, I'm just going to voice my big theory outloud here. If it turns out this whole thing spun out of Shinichi's wish to Keep Ran Safe (by... giving himself superpowers and also retconning a "safer" individual into her lifelong childhood friend), Ran would be well justified in kicking him out of her life entirely, and also I'm going to Cry. A Lot.

    (Oh yes, I hear you chortling at how wrong I am right now. Please, for the love of God let me be wrong.)

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    1. Yeah...I did consider putting a warning out there for Kaito losing his head, but I figured the tags were warning enough, and it worked better as a surprise gut-punch.

      I'm so glad you like them! I've been worried for a while that these versions of the characters are too unrecognizable, but that does ease my mind a bit. And since you enjoyed it, I'm going to let you in on the secret of the medicine bottle scene: the words are numbers. It originally reads 419 (which can be read as shi-ichi-ku in japanese, a nod to shinichi's name) and then changes to say 4869. Later, when Aoko mentions Kaito, the floor reads 1412, and then "Das Fenster, genau geschlossen. Der Vögel kann nicht flüchten." Directly translated, it means, "The window, tightly fastened. The bird can not escape." The first sentence I borrowed from Noi!, which is a song in rebellion that really can't be explained without major spoilers, but it does have a meaning that's more open to interpretation.

      As for that theory of're not right, but you're closer than anyone else has gotten. Let me ask you a question in return: do you think Shinichi is happy with this?

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