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  1. Oh darling. this was just fabulous. So beautiful, when I saw there was an update you honestly made my whole day. And this chapter! Just wow.
    Enma's complete obliviousness to Kyoya's true feelings for Sawada are so hilarious especially considering he's playing detective. I love it. How is it not obvious to this poor baby?
    But most importantly, REBORN! I absolutely love the way you've written his character. So loving and such a good dad. Primo getting jealous of Tsuna and Reborn's close relationship, bitch you deserve it. Reborn is 100% better than Primo, I really wanna see Reborn rubbing it in his face lol. But Reborn being a good dad, I love it so much! Him telling off Kyoya for going through Tsuna's private shit, hell yeah tell him off. Baby carnivore Kyoya trying to get King of the carnivores Reborn's approval to court his son is everything! So funny! Poor Reborn though, has to deal with two idiots pining over each other lmao, Tsuna and Kyoya are really made for each other.
    And the serious nature of where he actually is gave me chills. Those poor omegas being experimented and trapped in there for years. My poor baby Mukuro always getting the short end of the stick and being experimented on, You're safe now baby. I love that Tsuna was able to read Nagi's code and the dilemma he was facing, should he tell someone? Would they believe him? He can't even tell Reborn because he can't contact him! The poor baby knowing he was gonna be experimented on for a week but still went because he wanted to save them!
    Just beautiful. I look forward to this next chapter, will we see someone else's P.O.V? You mentioned wanting to do Reborn's, that would be great. I would love to see a brief look into Enma and Tsuna's interactions though lol, Enma: You are like a brother to me, I will protect you with my life. Tsuna: Who the fuck are you? Will Tsuna find out they looked through his videos, I would be mortified.
    Regardless, whatever you choose to put in the final chapter I will be looking forward to it. Thank you for updating, have a wonderful day!

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