Comment on Saint Valentine

  1. Your comments are NEVER boring, don't even begin to think that! <3 You always have such interesting things to say and I love reading them.

    I couldn't figure out quite what their relationship is or what stage it's at in this one either, so I thought it would be nice to leave it a bit unclear, and I'm glad you liked that about it. I had a lovely time changing the song lyrics for Dean too, so I'm really pleased you enjoyed them.

    I really like the idea of Dean having to show how he feels rather than saying it, and I do think you're right that that would have this slightly restraining effect on Jerry - he doesn't want to scare Dean with his enthusiasm. I LOVE your idea that every time Jerry needs to tell Dean he loves him he draws a heart, I hadn't thought of it as being that structured but it's such a beautiful idea.

    Thank you as always for taking the trouble to leave such a lovely, thoughtful comment. It really means the world to me, thank you very much. <3 <3 < 3 <3

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