Comment on Between within and without

  1. BrightKnightie

    I frown that Souhami (or anyone) overlooked Eliot's clear, omniscient announcement that Mirah is free of jealousy as soon as Deronda assures her of his love; in so many words, Eliot tells us that Mirah, once engaged, serenely trusts that Gwendolen is just another poor soul rescued by Deronda and dependent upon his goodness... which, basically, she is!

    (Gwendolen and Mirah are such interesting mirror images. If there were to be a lot of DD fanfic, I imagine that I'd enjoy reading a death of Daniel in which the two who adore him most could somehow come together for better illumination side by side. They have no idea how much they have in common -- life experiences, I mean; not personalities, obviously! -- but we do.)

    Yes, Daniel is certainly a bit of a prig. :-) He's really so young at the time of the novel's events! Despite Eliot's intentions, I imagine that he will grow out of being quite so terribly, terribly pure. The rough and tumble of English politics really bothered him; that of the Ottoman Empire will utterly dismay him! He must grow, because, as a Victorian hero, folding just isn't an option. :-)

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