Comment on Avoiding Ruin, One Steal at a Time

  1. I think the issue with Akechi is the same issue with Adachi in the original P4 (not P4G) in that his confidant was automatic and not optional. If it was optional, I don't think we would've suspected a thing. Or at least we'd be less suspicious then we are now. But as it stands, with his confidant being automatic, we knew Akechi was going to be some sort of important character later on. Plus they hammered home the whole "pancakes" thing a bit thick. But I think that's the thing with P5, it's not exactly about the "who dun it" it's the "how they fooled him".

    I'll make sure to write much more Traitor!Ryuji! I still plan to, hopefully at least, redo one of my earlier Traitor!Ryuji stories that showed how he joined Akechi's side in the first place, cause it was terribly written tbh and I know I can do better so expect that at some point!! And im really glad u liked the idea!

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