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  1. oh my god, you've done it once again, this is amazing! this was probably one of the most tender things i've ever read, seriously teared up multiple times while reading this! one of my favorite tropes is when a couple relays what they love about the other/why they love someone so deeply, and this was the most perfect example of that trope! i just love the growth eddie had in this; he's been hurt so many times in the past, he's scared that he'll hurt richie too, so he tries to keep him at arm's length. but then richie continuously shows him that he could never hurt him, that he's willing to go through the pain because he loves eddie, and AHHH that makes me insane! just seeing how eddie learns to accept that love in the end was so beautiful. and my god, i love how you made this so realistic. like yes, this may be a universe where evil clowns and soulmates exist, but you allowed these two to be perfectly imperfect and work to maintain the love they have for each other. it's just incredibly endearing and real to see them have struggles and issues but willing to overcome those obstacles to love the other unconditionally. truly this was the ultimate story of love languages and relationship goals haha, thank you for writing yet another masterpiece! <3

    ok here are my favorite quotes yet again (i could probably quote this whole dang fic because everything was amazing, but i'll keep to the ones that really stuck with me!)
    -"He knew Richie, but he didn’t know – lots of things."
    -"Richie grinned, and it really was so easy, loving him. Easier than Eddie had ever realized love could be." -- this line punched me in the gut and knocked me down the stairs, like?? eddie has so many personal issues he deals with and tries to overcome, but loving richie is the most simplest thing :')
    -“I am not perfect,” Eddie said. But he smiled. “But I can take care of myself. And I can take care of you, too. Let me choose this.”
    -"You try. I try. It’s – we don’t always get it right"
    -“Maybe soulmates are,” Eddie said, “but people aren’t. And I’m just…” I’m hurt and I’m scared and so are you, he thought, and he didn’t know how to change that; if that even was changeable."
    -"But he and Richie had many differences in perspective; he accepted that fact."
    -"Leave me alone! Eddie thought, wildly. Let me hurt on my own time. This is mine, and only mine."
    -"But that wasn’t really what Eddie wanted, either; it felt bad and uncomfortable in the way everything else about care did. It was tiring; he wanted to just – to feel normally about this; to understand what Richie was saying. But he couldn’t." -- you showcased eddie's trauma so well here oof
    -“You’re so good,” Richie said. His voice was a whisper. “You’re gentle with me. I don’t think anyone’s been gentle with me for a long time. You don’t – that means so much. Really it does. You give me what I want even when you worry it.”
    -“That’s you!” he said, with a goofy grin that made Eddie laugh. -- this line made me shove my face into a pillow a scream, it was so cute!!
    -"I know. I like being with you because you’re you, Rich.”
    -"Somehow, he thought he didn’t need to say those things. He and Richie understood each other." -- the understanding they have of each other is unparalleled!
    -"I am choosing to feel it because it’s part of you. And I love you more than this will ever hurt." -- wow they, invented love didn't they?

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