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  1. Honestly, the way I found this fic was by doing a tag search for David Young! And happily, this came up. And Fagin! The real bonus!

    I love this:

    He blanches at man’s perverse lack of common sense. The sun would never choose a dog as its avatar. Dogs are foolish, consigned to their one life tabula rasa . Eight lives deep a cat is wiser to the ways of things.

    And of course this:

    Down in the hold, his three brothers keep him company. They are pale and thin - folding themselves up into the shadows to sit quiet in the dark with him, wearing different names, but he knows them all the same.

    John and Jack and David.

    And everything from there to the end.

    Fantastic; thank you!

    P.S.- In your notes: unbeta'd as usual; i live and die by my own sword! Ha ha, I'm the same way!

    Edited to add the P.S.

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    1. i'm so glad you enjoyed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts and kind words!!!!! also. god. always unbeta'd *salutes*.

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