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  1. Well, thanks for the (un)expected second birthday fic! It certainly is tropes galore and also kind of makes me want to own a coffee shop. :D Although that would probably increase my caffeine intake to new, not too healthy levels.

    I also love the pun on the shop’s name & the logo.

    And of course they can’t just do the fake dating without their undeniable sexual chemistry getting in the way.

    (My knowledge of wine is... patchy at it’s best and why am I suddenly straight? I’m going back to being a nurse. ^^)

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    1. Holby City: Berena (Bernie Wolfe/Serena Campbell)

      I'm glad you enjoy this ridiculousness!

      *giggles* You'd have to make sure you drank only decaff coffee if you owned a coffee shop! :D

      Thanks - I actually cackled when I came up with the name of the shop!

      Of course they couldn't do fake dating properly! AS IF!!!

      I apologise for making you a straight. That was cruel!)

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