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  1. Oh this is so great!! I love the delightful elements of touch-starved in this - or maybe I'm just always a sucker for that illicit touch feel - and how careful Gideon is with Galen. Gideon always seems so brusque in Crusade, to see him in his more rarer and tender moments gives him this very vulnerable edge, even when it's Galen who's actually being vulnerable. The moment where he reflects that Gideon would buy the lie of omission if Galen said nothing, and then Galen goes and admits it, is so perfect. ;_;

    I kind of love these two together now and you're why <333 10/10 would spoil myself for technomage trilogy again

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    1. a grumpy princess

      omg thank yooou for all of this. ;.; It is the greatest compliment to be responsible for luring someone into your ship. I will have to continue!

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