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  1. Hi again!

    Oh, what a lovely gift! And am so grateful to both you and Mirna for the work that went into the translation so that I (and others of course) could have the opportunity to enjoy it!!

    There is only one word that can adequately describe this little gem and that word is beautiful!! .

    This is a wonderful idea! You have conveyed the warmth of their friendship and the depth of feeling that each has for the other so well and with such an amazing economy of words.

    “Sitting on the box, you take a bandana out of your pocket and tie it around your neck. It’s a touch of colour that stands out against your black clothes. And – it’s mine.”

    Oh yes! *That* gave me a little shiver of pleasure! So heartwarming.

    This has all of the elements of a lovely subtle romance. And it was the use of the bandana that said it all.

    I'm very comfortable with one or both of them working on stagecoaches as it does seem to be a very suitable means of employment for them both. Still dangerous to a degree (so still some excitement to be had from time to time) but nowhere near as risky as what they had been doing previously.

    I really love the little domestic references - paying off their home etc - and the way the mischief in Chris shows itself (as I just know it's there!) and the way Vin only just manages to resist the impulse to chase him.

    And that he had bought him a new one!

    Thanks SO much for another little glimpse into their lives together (the lives I'd like to *see* them have together..)

    Loved it!!

    ♥ ♥ ♥ (and a hug of course!)

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    1. Hello!

      Soooo good to hear you enjoyed it! :) And thank you for all of the compliments!

      One of the requirements for this collection was to keep it all "innocent", and for this ficlet, it was "seeing the other one wearing one's clothes", so when put together, it made for an implicit way of showing their friendship and their feelings.

      About working on stagecoaches ... I'm glad you share the opinion that it's a suitable means of employment for them. Mirna and I have noticed we used it in several fics, and that it might be a good idea to "give" them another work for a change. But it seems obvious that they need some excitement from time to time, they're used to it, so their choice of occupation is more limited ;)

      In the film there's some playfulness in Chris (with Harry, with Chico), and I also really think there might also be mischief, when being at ease and with the right person :) While he didn't really have the time to buy a bandana before he parted, it was a little mean to take Vin's without asking, so he tries to compensate for it.
      (And I think he liked having Vin's bandana with him, especially when they were apart <3 He just wouldn't admit it).

      Thank you SO much for your comment!! *hug*

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