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  1. I’m always excited when you grace us with a new fic so I gotta throw my support your way with a kudos for trying something new! 👍🏽 I actually read a few different Sansa pairings (though I’m a huge nope on Sansa/Tywin and Sansa/Petyr)

    That being said, as a sister myself, anyone who has had their dick in my sister is always a no *shudder* Still, I’m looking forward to your beautiful writing and portrayal of shared grief mixed with intimacy.

    Last Edited Mon 20 Jul 2020 03:11PM EDT

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    1. SAME! I have three sisters and the ICK factor is for real. That's the beauty of fiction characters do SO many things that I would not even think of doing lol. I hope it doesn't come across as gross though. I swear I'll try to do it justice.

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