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  1. me, pointing at this comment: I've been looking at this for five hours now

    ARCHERYIAN thanks for reading and commenting I actually shrieked when I recognized ur username. It means double coming from you!

    Ooh, I'm glad that paragraph was effective. I rewrote it like five times trying to get all the emotions across. It is very lonely! Owen knows that Matthew used to be a Shadowhunter, but not that his parents and Matthew are actually banned from seeing each other (although given what he knows right now, he wouldn't be terribly surprised). He also doesn't know that the majority of the vampire community won't associate with Matthew because of his ex-Shadowhunter status, even if Matthew was a mundane when he got turned. He would know that werewolves and vampires have an ongoing enemity, but probably didn't make the connection that it also meant most werewolves disliked Matthew. That's almost half of Downworld. At this point, Matthew's staying in London solely for Owen.

    I'm delighted you liked my portrayal of Owen! I like to think of him as a very happy, bubbly sort (god cc just let the kids be happy PLEASE) and he's extra happy because he's having tea with!! his favorite person!! in the world!! I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN WITH CORDELIA, because the second I read that in your comment I was struck by the immediate need to have them all in one room and aaaaaaaaaaaa. I couldn't think of any other reason why it would just be Owen! I suppose it could've been that Owen INSISTED on going alone because he's TEN and he's a BIG BOY NOW, but I thought of it too late and now we're all sad :')

    Cordelia's first son is 100% Alastair's namesake and thems the FACTS. Also Owen Alastair just has a very nice ring to it. @ cc please

    thanks for indulging me! :)

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