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  1. Hee, thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. As soon as I read your letter, I thought, "Ooh, someone who likes all of the same things about Keisuke that I do!" (Clearly you are an individual of excellent taste.) "I know exactly what to do with this!" I absolutely love Keisuke's brand of pining, and I was very happy to get the chance to dig into it and make him miserable in all the best/worst ways.

    It's like they're cut from the same cloth, but... not, at the same time. Just out of reach.
    That's exactly it! Keisuke and Akira grew up together, in the same environment, subjected to the same treatment in Project Nicole... and yet (in Keisuke's mind) Akira became someone so much more impressive than Keisuke. Poor guy has a huge complex about it, and Akira unwittingly contributes to it just by being himself. ;-;

    /begin blabber about KeiAki and its impact on the plot of TnC

    Keisuke's pining for Akira is so wrapped up in how he puts Akira on a pedestal, which I've always liked. The game shows us in excruciating detail how Keisuke's obsessive love for Akira + his own sense of inferiority can make their relationship turn completely pear-shaped, but while Igura really exacerbates all that, it didn't create it. The seeds were there from the beginning, you know? In canon, Keisuke basically snaps and decides to prove that he is good enough, that he can help Akira--but I've always felt like he very well could have snapped in the exact opposite direction, surrendered to his own sense of inferiority, and decided to stay out of it because if he got involved, he would only get in Akira's way. (Which... kind of, yeah. I love you, Keisuke, but you do kind of throw a wrench into things.)

    I also found it really interesting how big of an impact Keisuke has on Akira's story, even in other routes. His descent and ultimate demise do impact Akira in other characters' routes, and quite significantly in Nano's, which makes me wonder how much the story would have changed if Keisuke hadn't been there. Would Akira have died? Maybe, maybe not. But it does have the potential to turn into a pretty different story if Keisuke drops out before it really begins, and it was fun to explore that possibility a little.

    /end blabber

    Anyway, I'm really glad that you enjoyed this! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to write it and share it with you.

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