Comment on pain made to order

  1. MY DUDE I've been saving this cause it was long and I wanted to read it with a clear head
    First of all, let me tell you, it was a pretty hard read. The role playing in this was disgusting, it made my guts revolt and it made me very sad. And you know me, I'm a sucker for (C)NC. It just felt so real, realistic. It's not an easy thing to convey I guess
    It's perfectly written. The pace, the moods you set throughout the whole thing, the lines, your word choice - I swear, I've been reading your stuff for years and I'm still amazed by how nicely yet simply you can convey your message/mood/plot... just anything. So yeah. The way you write porn is great but whenever I catch a glimpse of something "deeper" I'm like I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M FRIENDS WITH SUCH A TALENTED FELLA
    on a less dramatic note, Ryan here is baby and I love him 😳🖤

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    1. this was definitely one i knew wouldn't be getting read right away by everybody so no worries bud

      i swear MY FUCKING UWUS. this is such a sweet comment tysm i treasure you ;~; i'm just glad people are picking up the stuff i'm putting in there y'know. i'm always worried about whether stuff comes across lmao and i specifically fought with this one more than usual to get the whole tone right so i'm especially glad it's there and it's hitting right. it's trying to find the middle spot between "it's rapey and should be gross" and "it's porn and should be hot" and "it's about trauma and should be emotional" y'know. anyway ily

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