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  1. The image of Daniel leaning back against Johnny’s chest and Johnny pulling his hair and Daniel’s head tipping onto Johnny’s shoulder with a wrecked expression..../is now seared into my brain forever/. Gah you wrote the tension SO WELL.

    “All those years, THIS was what it was?”

    That realization...!

    “Look at me.”

    That dominance...!

    So looking forward to this series! I was also pleasantly surprised when I put the song on Spotify to realize I was already familiar with it! Just never knew the title or singer’s name, but have pretty much known it for years because it I’ve heard it a ton on the radio 😄

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    1. Ahhh thank you for this comment!!

      There are worse things to have seared into your mind. Probably. 😏

      I’m really glad you enjoyed this, and the song! I had a lot of fun writing for this fandom (so much so that about four fics started at once, thus the loosely-connected “series”), and it will be fun to see what else falls out!

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