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  1. Hi!

    I will say...Clueless is a guilty pleasure of mine. There's just something so crazy good about it! I think it's because I was too focused in high school to do much fun stuff so I love all the teenage agnst.

    I must say you certainly got the spirit of Clueless but gave it so much Inuyasha flair that if you didn't tell me this was based on Cluelee. . .I probably wouldn't even have guessed!

    I love that you brought in Jakotsu and Kagura - they're pretty perfect here.


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    1. Pleiades


      I had no idea that people sometimes were worried about "inspired by" being too on-the-nose. I am glad this one felt like a decent adaptation!

      And omg I wish I were in high school with Jakotsu, Kagura and Shippo! I would want to be their friends times a million!

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