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  1. This was bright and sweet, like a bouquet of flowers. I enjoyed their romance and seeing the glimpse into their characters and how it affects them. I love that they both choose professions because of their parents, but for opposite reasons. (I especially love that Betty showed up to her grandad's funeral with her tattoos on display) I appreciated all the flower and plant references woven in, and that Betty doesn't let Veronica hide at the and they work it out.


    I liked these lines a lot:
    " Her neighbor’s quirky arrival last week with a basket of cookies, initially seen as a power play to prove to the town how kind and benevolent Betty was, had turned into a tense sort of friendship. "
    "Betty, it turned out, was one of the rarest people in the world - someone who didn’t try to act like someone they weren’t."
    "And thus an odd friendship was struck up, one that was set ins tone tonight as they both stood against the ridiculous zoning ordinances balefully aimed at the lower income neighborhoods in this tacky-tacky town."
    "A simple, innocent question that nonetheless brought a pretty rose blush to her cheeks that climbed downward through the night. "
    "The language of flowers was the one gift from her mother that really had any meaning in the long run. It was a practice that Veronica had lost herself in many times, one that no one seemed to understand. "
    " At first, Veronica thought she’d committed a faux pas; perhaps she wasn’t the only one who had trust issues. But after a while, she came to realize that Betty was also weighing how honest, how vulnerable she wanted to be."
    "Her fingers caressed the space over her heart, and Veronica longed to know what lay under all those layers. It was one more puzzle piece to the enigma that was Betty Cooper. But just as Veronica had her secrets to keep, so, too, did Betty."
    "She leaned forward to whisper something, and Betty let out a peal of laughter. Veronica set the food down and watched, irritation rising climbing like ivy in her throat."
    "She was a Lodge, after all, and love was never an option. Not unless it came with strings and attachments, political and social gains otherwise closed off to her family."
    "she couldn’t help but twist the knife. It was the only other hobby her mother had shared with her."
    "Whatever this was had taken root deep within her very cells, but a few days in New York would be more than enough to uproot it."
    "The world shifted, and suddenly all Veronica could see and hear was Betty. It couldn’t possibly be this simple. It never was. Betty was after something, and now that Veronica had misstepped it would finally come to light."
    "“The only thing I want from you is a little of your time,” Betty said. With a sly grin, she added, “And maybe that yellow flower over there.”"

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