Comment on The Waiting Game

  1. I love these two in every way I've read them to date but this is something particularly and poignantly lovely. You capture Quan Yizhen in a way I have never seen before, with a real directness and simplicity to his thoughts and motivations that is both very tender and immediately visceral in the best way. I love how nearly-painful a lot of this is, both for Quan Yizhen's tight-strung patience but also with the strange sharp edge of too-much pleasure; especially 'his body shaking like he’s cold and naked and sick' really grabbed me and fixed me right where I sit. But I also adore your Yin Yu, partially because I just love him but especially because, god, Quan Yizhen loves him, he loves him so much and so entirely and the poetry of his feelings spills over without him even consciously acknowledging it here. "He sometimes feels like light, cold and breaking, moonlight in a world of sun, precious and rare" is such a /beautiful/ description, so entirely perfect and lovely for Yin Yu, and I am left heartachy and enamored as Quan Yizhen himself.

    Also: damn the base premise of this is hot as hell, you're a goddamn genius :D

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