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  1. I wish I could leave an infinite amount of kudos cause this was sooo good. 😭

    ‘Mel joked. “It must be Santa. Did you remember to leave out milk and cookies?” ‘ - Lmfaooo this part took me out 😭😭

    Also Harry making tea before he figures out an escape plan is such a Harry thing to do 😂

    ‘He sighed. “You found a spell that would lock everything away, like you said. And it worked. For you. It obviously wasn’t forever lasting.” He paused. “That is the whole truth.”’- and it worked. For you. FOR YOU 😭 meaning Harry didn’t lock away nothing 🥺

    I loved this story! Hopefully there will be another some time in the near future, cause Im starving for a Haggie loaf lol

    Also our little horned friend is the ultimate Haggie shipper 😭 doing the lords work

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    1. I miss the old Harry who actually cared about Maggie, you know? Makes her tea, makes sure she’s safe and warm…

      Harry still had his memories and feelings intact. I guess when he said, “let me take her pain,” he meant it!

      I hope I can write some more soon. I missed them!

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