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  1. Hi I am now at my computer and I am about to quote your work back at you once again ;)

    Viktor makes an amused noise, done with the helmet. “The world does not revolve around me, unfortunately.”

    He swings his leg over his bike and revs the engine. “Yeah, it’s too busy revolving around me. ”

    This is very Them and I love it. Jayce, you arrogant soab

    “Wow, Giopara,” says Viktor, haughty slant to his words. “You still believe in the moon?”

    This got a good laugh out of me ngl

    “And what is my birthday gift this year?” He can feel Viktor’s hand absentmindedly threading through his hair. It’s something he quietly enjoys– when Viktor forgets to close himself off and is just present with him.

    He leans into the touch. “Me.”

    “Give me the receipt for a refund.”

    Okay I like this a lot because 1) Jayce is very shamefully flirty and unrepentant 2) he clearly recognizes where Viktor is being himself and not doing his usual "do not talk to me emotions bad hiss" 3) Viktor is unrestrained in his sass

    Tears really do start running then and Jayce wipes them away. He thinks I will do anything for the man in my hands. He’d drink wine from a mug, he’d build a rocket ship, he’d rope the moon down from the sky and fuck over the tides because who gives a shit about the ocean when they have a universe in front of them?

    The poetry of this I'M WEAK. Especially that last line. Wtf. Who gave you the right

    He regards the body in the dark. Face to face, the space between them under the covers spans a lifetime and a universe for Jayce. Viktor believes himself unlovable and unable to love, asserts himself above it in some subconscious defence, constructs himself electric and invulnerable to compensate for whatever esoteric pain only he knows the name of. But the man a few inches away from Jayce is brilliant, and beatific, and bursting with emotion he’s forgotten how to feel. He’s lovely, sharp, a pain and amazing.

    Jayce regards the body in the dark: the slight furrow of the brow that seems ever-present, the steady inhale-exhale that make the metronome of his soul, the untameable hair splayed across the pillow. He reaches out, slow, to the event horizon that divides breath from air, and gently runs his thumb over where the tears have dried. The furrow fades, and the breathing deepens, and though Viktor doesn’t lean into the touch, he doesn’t shy away either.

    Bro. BRO. I can't do this. This feels straight out of an old poetry collection or a really old dusty book you'd find in the library with a gold tassel bookmark. CHEF'S KISS.

    Jayce Giopara has never regretted anything in his life.


    I loved her to the point of invention.

    Wow! I'm gonna go lie down and cry now! Thanks for the amazing read as always :D
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    1. THANK YOU FOR SUCH A LONG COMMENT....... it's always so baller to see how much my writing makes people feel......... [balls] i have so many thoughts about how to transpose them from canon to modern and it's nice to hear that people agree with my interpretation :3 thank you for reading and enjoying this so thoroughly!!!!!!!


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