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  1. Okay, I'm guilty of seeing this (and re-reading it many, many times...) but I never commented on it to thank you, and to tell you how AMAZING (and funny, and cute, and hot) this fic is. Seriously, thank you. I know I'm bad at this kind of things, but I'm actually SO HAPPY every time I think about it, and makes me feel terribly flattered to know that someone thought "hey, this would make a good fic!" when they saw something made by me, and also spent time actually writing it (I'm the kind of person who starts a lot of fics, but never finishes a single one, so I always envy people with such dedication to writing). So...thank you. Thank you. Thank you. <3

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    1. Ah, now I've really made it - the creator has approved! I'm so very very glad that this worked for you - I was a little apprehensive with just taking your idea and running off in my own direction, which is quite a bit pornier than it could have been. But I was very inspired, I couldn't not write it - so yes, do feel flattered, I would like to flatter you :D

      And if you're starting fics, I think that's a much harder step than finishing them sometimes, and I would love to read them!

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      1. No, I LOVED the whole thing. It was very in-character, everything sounded like stuff they would actually do. I'm serious, I loved EVERY SINGLE word. And really, the idea that something I made inspired someone else is...well, (when I finally got over my laziness and managed to tell myself "Okay, you know you liked it, but the author DOESN'T. You should wake up and tell them, don't you think?") I didn't know how to thank you without it sounding a bit fake, I already said a hundred times, I'm not good at showing gratitude. But I'm very, very happy.

        Ehh, unfortunately most of them are in Italian, and they're mostly scenes of that SHOULD become actual fics, but...ehh, yeah, I'm lazy in that department, too. The one I really wanted to finish has Flake as a teacher by day, and dom in a club by night (special abilities: being good at both jobs, but still feeling slightly inadequate, and being his usual adorable self). In the club, he meets a firefighter called Till (special abilities: single father who writes beautiful poetry) and falls head over heels for him. When he finds out Till's daughter is one of his students, Flake decides to break up with him, because he doesn't want his two jobs to mix, but after a while someone sends pictures of him in his dom attire to the headmaster of the school (no, it was not Till, even if Flake suspected it for a while. It was another dom he and Schneider got fired from the club because he harrassed a girl), so he has to leave his day job and needs to put his life back together. In the meanwhile, we have Paul as the barman (special abilities: smiles no matter what, and can get you to confess even your darkest secrets), Olli as the second barman (special abilities: lots of patience, but also a now dead grandmother who used to beat up people with an umbrella and taught him to take no shit from anyone), Schneider as another performer in the club (special abilities: punching people who deserve it, also looking smoking hot in drag), and Richard as the dom who replaces the one who got fired (special abilities: making Paul fall for him, also really good (but actually not) at keeping secrets.)
        ...ooookay, I got carried away and rambled for quite a bit longer than I planned to.

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        1. :DDD I am so delighted that you enjoyed! And thank you for coming back to it!

          The one I really wanted to finish has Flake as a teacher by day, and dom in a club by night
          WOW wow wow that sounds just completely amazing! I didn't know I needed that, but I would read the heck out of it. Seriously, every part of that sounds just wonderful. I'm afraid I don't know much Italian, but that wouldn't stop me from reading it. So if you ever did decide to go ahead with it, know that there's a few people who would have nothing but excitement for it (I'm sure I'm not the only one)!

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          1. ...okay, once again I have no good excuses for being THIS LATE, apart from being a bad person.
            Actually, when I read that you liked the idea, I didn't know what to say, because I KNOW I'll never manage to force myself to write the whole fiction, and I was a bit ashamed of that. So, yeah, I ended up not replying at all *facepalm*
            ...unfortunately, I'm more of a "OHH, WE COULD DO THIS!" kind of person, than someone who sits down and manages to actually get things done. I understood that I need to work on things where I don't have to stay focused for a long time (or where I can get constant gratification looking at the work I'm doing), otherwise I just give up and leave them half-finished. It's embarrassing, yeah.

            Okay, I started rambling again...sorry. Also, thank you for your patience. <3

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