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    This was a really great answer to the prompt. I admit I got scared when you went the "actually I like Ron now!" route and personally I don't find it believable that Hermione would EVER be attracted to Ron, not beyond a friend, but I suppose that Hermione is just a teenage girl here and unsure of her feelings. And probably confused about love itself. You portrayed the awkwardness of their teen years well. It's nice that they will take things slow and find their way through their relationship together. At least they communicated which is what matters most.

    And it was enjoyable to see Harry come to his realizations, oblivious kid that he is lol. Oh and I loved the part about the gifts and how Harry is more in tune with Hermione. Sirius made some very insightful comments here, bless him.

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    1. Oblivious Harry is the best kind of Harry! And after writing Sirius’s Letter all those months ago, I relished the chance to flesh out a Harry/Sirius story. I’m glad you liked it and sorry for scaring you (but I’m happy that I did)!

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