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  1. Thank you, awesome one.

    Oh, you bet they do and the ship hits some of the flying octopus dogs on the way out with Smith howling in terror, whimpering, covering his eyes, being a negative nancy as the ship is experiencing turbulence, Penny and Will working together flying the advanced machine with LOUD disagreements and it flies awkward but triumphantly because of that. I love the second ending.

    I was gonna make a third one but that feels like it can be its own story and needed individual chapters and be a au of my au in terms of the premise.

    10/10 one of my favorites because I stuck true to my goal: writing a fic where they're STILL lost and ENDING it that way and wasn't a new beginning.

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    1. Aw, thanks! And I love that!!! (And can totally picture that, I love how this feels so much like one of their adventures with everyone in character) And oh true, that might be why it reminded me more of a open ended episode like the series- really nice and really well done!

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      1. You're welcome ^.^

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