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  1. I frigging adore this. This is so well made and natural, you know?

    I mean, It's not a stretch from canon; like some fics. It's like it could even be part of it, like a transition between seasons. I can't explain it well, but I hope you get the gist. Hahah

    Sciles has got to be my favourite pairing, this work just cements it for me. They have the classic best friends story and you can do so much with that, you know? Fluff mutual pining, or a forever angsty Unrequited love that slow builds into relationship, or even a single parent (widow!-post canon)Scott... I could go for days, I've always thought about writing a Sciles fic.

    I think that is what's so great about this pairing for me, you have the perfect pairing to work with-- chemistry and aesthetically speaking-- and if it isn't AU, it can feel so natural when done right, and that's what you've achieved here.
    You've got Scott down perfectly, and I really feel this is how Stiles would be after all the chaos, ja feel? Scott's need to protect and his overall altruistic nature can get the better of him sometimes, or at least I think so. I think how you wrote his thoughts and him, really showed that part of him, ja feel? PLEASE TELL ME IF I MAKE NO SENSE!! D':
    And it really feels like Stiles kind of keeps that part of him grounded here... and I guess it, in turn, allows Scott to be happy and refresh.

    ****SMALL SEASON 5 SPOILER ALERT-- trying to provide why you've made their chemistry on par with canon(?)****

    Like, in Season 5 there's a part where Stiles really hurts his hand and is overwhelmed and Scott is adamant on checking it out/making it better; so he basically holds Stiles' hand...
    I feel like this work... is as real as that scene, you know?? Scott is keeping Stiles in check...
    In your work, Stiles is there for Scott (as opposed to the other way around in scene) and their personalities compliment each other. It's really fucking awesome.

    **SPOILER END***

    I hope you understand what I am trying to say and what my review is pointing out. FORGIVE ME! I have verbal diarrhea, it manages to translate onto paper and my keyboard too...

    I just love this, oh man. THANK YOU FOR THIS GIFT TO AO3!!! I need to hi-five you.

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    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I'm so glad that you felt like the fic and their relationship was very in character/canon. That makes me very happy! Thank you again for your comment and expression of how much you liked reading the fic. :)

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