Comment on Vault of the Alchemist - Chapter 1: Invoking Thy Names

  1. Finnegan's fan boy reaction was awesome! But I don't want him to get beat up by his dad :( Can he just be given janitorial duty as punishment for his backtalk? He's adorable, I love him.

    I haven't played Tales yet, but I bought it yesterday (STEAM SUMMER SALES ARE AWESOME) so my knowledge of Vaughn is incredibly rudimentary. Will that cause a problem to my understanding of this story? ?

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    1. Well, with Vaughn there's probably going to be some spoilers. The whole Vaughn segments are gonna reference the plot/choices in the game, so...spoiler warnings ahead!

      As for Mr Crux, he's only stern when someone is present. Between him and Finnegan, they'd probably do something like sparring or target practice to do a "feelings session". Makes good quality time and business, considering they test some of the newly-produced Maliwan weaponry. Glad you're enjoying the story so far! c:

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